Here are some comments from NoteTab users taken from a random selection of e-mail messages. Many thanks to all those listed here for granting us permission to quote them.

  • NoteTab is great! Flexible and easy to use, but powerful too! I’m not sure how you managed to cram all that good stuff in there but you did a great job. Quite Frankly, I don’t use or need anything else and I think I’ve probably tried just about everything. I write our newsletter, our HTML, CSS, edit cgi’s and more… I love the ability to link to HTML Tidy to help me validate the site. Spell check, Thesaurus, disk search – when I need to do massive search and replace nothing beats it. Kudos guys!
    Shae McKean, Webmaster for Opera Software (USA)
  • Your program goes down in my annals as the single most useful program I have ever used and I’ve been using computers since 1969!
    Sandra Rozhon (USA)
  • Thanks, and good work. With this latest version, I haven’t had a single crash, and as I’ve mentioned, I stay in NoteTab ALL day EVERY day at this point. It is probably up and running for 30 hours a week on my machine. Excellent for web development.
    Jon McGuire (USA)
  • Thanx very much for this great improvement (4.6) never had a program that was worth it’s money so much.
    Ben van’t Ende (The Netherlands)
  • This has just been one of my best experiences on the net picking up NOTETAB.
    James Davis (USA)
  • It is a pleasure to use. I am finding all sorts of new and interesting tidbits in the 4.6a, and not a single bit of useless fluff. You have created a lean, mean fighting machine.
    David Talbott (USA)
  • I’m trying to switch to Linux and by golly, NoteTab is the only thing keeping me in Windows.
    Nadine (Haiti)
  • Just wanted to say this is a great program. Truly feature-laden, with things I always wanted in a text editor but didn’t even know it!
    Mark Williams (USA)
  • I regularly download all kinds of freeware and shareware from the Internet (sometimes 7 a day!) and am a bit jaded with many of the applications available. Your Note Tab, however, is one of the few genuine gems. Despite having it for only a few days, and using just a fraction of the features, it is obviously a winner.
    Ahmad Sayuthi (Malaysia)
  • I have been programming since the late 1960’s and have probably used over 100 different programs which modify text. (These include programming editors, text editors, word processors, desktop publishing programs etc..) I’ve probably seen it all (including punch cards and paper tape), and really appreciate NoteTab Pro.
    Ken Clark (USA)
  • This program you wrote is a lifesaver! I have converted TWO people into changing to Note Tab. One of them earns over $60,000 a year as a Webmaster for a computer company. This program gives us CONTROL without having to deal with stupid WYSIWYG editors! Saves TIME, and lets us create our own shortcuts!
    Paul Chen (USA)
  • Today I had a revelation that I have waited many years to experience ! I accidentaly came over a web page with the ‘Created with Super NoteTab’ banner on. Since I have for 2-3 years tried to find an editor that suits my needs, I decided to try your NoteTab editor. And it blew my mind away !
    Svein Arild Bergset (Norway)
  • Let me just tell you: I don’t remember ever being more impressed, more quickly, by ANY piece of software I have ever installed. And that’s saying a lot, because I am addicted to downloading or buying new software. NotePad is outstanding!
    Chris Boone (USA)
  • I have depended on a DOS editor for years, and looked at Windows editors every year or so without finding anything I liked better. Last week, I downloaded NoteTab Pro and finally found a replacement.
    Elaine Normandy (USA)